BMW Case Study

KINEXON X BMW: Eine innovative Zusammenarbeit zur Automatisierung der Fertigung und zur Steigerung der operativen Effizienz.

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Experience the impact of this game-changing partnership and discover how KINEXON is revolutionizing manufacturing operations at BMW. 

"Automotive production at the BMW Group is a lot like top-flight sport in that it's about high-performance processes. The real-time locating platform KINEXON OS forms the backbone for fully digitalizing our production."

‐ Dr. Milan Nedeljković, Board Memeber for Production, BMW AG

Key highlights of the case study include:

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency: KINEXON's solutions enable automation, digitization, and streamlined processes, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency gains.
  • Improved operational reliability: By addressing bottlenecks and capacity issues, KINEXON achieves system uptimes of up to 99.98%, ensuring industrial-grade reliability.
  • Cost savings and autonomy: BMW transitioned from vendor dependency to full autonomy, reducing costs associated with third-party vendors and gaining more control over their operations.
  • Precision and accuracy: KINEXON's technology enables precise tool control, digitized assembly processes, and dynamic truck steering, ensuring unparalleled precision in manufacturing operations.
  • Future-ready innovation: As KINEXON continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, BMW benefits from ongoing advancements, unlocking even more exciting developments in the near future.